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Celebrate National Mentoring Month
By Team Torace published on Jan 9, 2024
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Mentors and mentees celebrate National Mentoring Month with arms raised in the air and happy faces.

The month of January is celebrated in the United States as National Mentoring Month, an effort promoted by MENTOR, the nation’s champion of youth mentoring, and was recently endorsed by President Joe Biden by presidential proclamation. National Mentoring Month is a celebration of mentors and mentoring in all forms, and it is also a call to action. In his presidential proclamation, President Biden, declares:

The greatness of a nation is measured in part by how it prepares its next generation to succeed.  Ours is a great Nation, and together, as mentors, we can each change a young person’s life for the better — and with it, help guarantee our country a future of unlimited possibilities.

Here are a few ways that mentoring can be celebrated and promoted this month:


The following days and themes provided by MENTOR. For more ideas visit:

  • January 9: I Am A Mentor Day

  • January 15: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

  • January 17: International Mentoring Day

  • January 24-26: National Mentoring Summit, Washington, D.C.

  • January 25: Thank Your Mentor Day


See what’s going on in your community or learn more about mentoring in general. Find some great blogs and infographics on mentoring on Torace’s Blog Page.


Explore how you can create mentoring opportunities, formal or informal, big or small, in your community, organization, or profession. Start small with Torace’s Micro-Mentoring Resources.

Team Torace would love to see how you’re celebrating National Mentoring Month. Please tag @TeamTorace on social media or use the hashtag #ToraceNMM.

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