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3 Benefits to Mentoring for Classified Staff
By Aleka Calsoyas published on Nov 27, 2023
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New bus driver standing outside of the bus with students.

At the Fall ASPAA (Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association) Conference, we had a lot of great conversations about the benefits of mentoring. A number of those conversations brought up ways that mentoring can benefit classified as well as certified staff. Even light-touch interventions can bring a lot of benefits. Here are three that came up frequently: 

  1. Increase retention. By connecting new staff to a mentor, both mentors and mentees feel more valued and connected. 

  2. Support those whose roles are more isolated. For instance, new site-based clerical staff often don’t have opportunities to connect with more experienced clerical staff. 

  3. Build institutional culture intentionally. All staff contribute to a collective culture of learning. Mentoring for even experienced staff, and across roles can reinforce this. 

With Torace, creating those connections, even across sites is easy. Moreover, HR staff can get important insights into career and trajectory interests to help improve retention within and across roles!  Interested classified staff can also become part of your educator pipeline! 

If you’d like to learn more about simple ways to support classified staff, schedule a chat with one of us!

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