Make matching mentors and mentees easier and more rewarding.

Mentorship programs in the K-12 and Higher Education space are critically important. Some, like student teacher placements, are both integral to licensing and provide school districts with a critical supply of talent. Others, like school leader residencies or new teacher mentoring, provide staff with exposure to new experiences and skill development.

In our work with school systems around the country, we consistently find that despite this recognized importance, the tools educators use to manage these processes are often an inefficient mixture of spreadsheets, email chains, ad hoc surveys, sticky notes, and paper files.

Torace is a platform that offers a better way. Torace puts a modern tool in the hands of school system administrators so that they can focus less on the mechanics of facilitating mentorship activities and more on strengthening those programs.

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Our Beliefs

When you break it down, it’s all about the people
Increasing the value of mentoring
We remove the logistical hurdles so that administrators can focus on making good matches and continuous, strategic program improvement.
Honoring individuals' voices
People should be able to express their professional interests and needs and be heard.
Expanding access to opportunities
Exploring new contexts, developing new skills, sharing enthusiasm and curiosity are critical aspects to every career and should not depend on whom you know or how well connected your personal network is.
Contributing to community building
Tools to support educators in their work should be available to all and affordable.
Supporting career development and satisfaction
Mentoring enhances growth and engagement for both mentors and mentees.
Meet the team behind Torace
Aleka Calsoyas
Don O'Callaghan
We have spent the better part of the last decade working together, first at a leading national not-for-profit and for the last six years in our own independent firm. In recent years, our work has taken us to school systems large and small, urban and rural, in over 10 states across the country. Our focus is on helping clients tackle human resource challenges by creating enduring systems and supports that help unlock the talents of adults and students alike.

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