Micro-Mentoring Resources

What is Micro-Mentoring?

We define micro-mentoring as an intentional pairing of a mentor and mentee for between one and three sessions focused on a very specific topic or skill. For some examples and types of programs see our introductory blog post.

Benefits and Basic Use Cases

For examples of how to leverage One-, Two- and Three-Session pairing, click here.

Resources for Any Focus

The following are links to sample program support templates. If you are using Torace to facilitate the logistics of your matching, you will have the ability to instantly notify your mentor-mentee matches of their pairings via email and can include a custom message with that notification. You can include a link to your own support materials, or link to one of the conversation guides below in your notification message.

Torace One-Session Micro-Mentoring Guide

Torace Two-Session Micro-Mentoring Guide

Torace Three-Session Micro-Mentoring Guide

Please Note: You will be required to enter your email to access these documents. Torace will not send you spam. If you aren't already in our system at the time of your first download you may be asked for your email twice. These guides are intended for use by mentoring programs and their participants. They are not for resale or commercial use.

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