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New Torace Features: Spring 2024
By Team Torace published on Jun 3, 2024
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Learn about all the NEW features that have sprung this spring at Torace!

Torace Status Dashboard

Platform | Free with subscription

The Torace Status Dashboard provides live participant tracking so you can see where participants are in the match process. Use this to simplify and streamline your communications!

Learn how you can get live data!

Action Notifications

Platform | Free with subscription

Opt-in to email notifications when a participant completes an action. Action Notifications help you stay up-to-date on participants and reduces the hassle of follow up emails, saving you time!

Learn how you can send fewer emails!

Career Trajectory Snapshot

Data Insights | Free

This is the first stand alone report offered by Torace that does not require a subscription to the Torace platform. Gain clear insight into your staff's career aspirations and timelines.

Learn how you can get important insights!

Enterprise Group Pricing

Services | Custom Pricing

This new offering is for organizations that provide technical assistance, manage regions, run consortiums, or lead professional networks. Secure flat rate pricing for your members.

Learn how you can empower your people!

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