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How to Manage Multiple Programs with Torace
By Aleka Calsoyas published on May 19, 2023
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Six teachers ranging in age, race, and gender are walking through a school.

Torace’s “Multi-Program Teams” subscription makes managing two more different programs from a single administrator account very easy. For example, a school district administrator might be responsible for matching Student Teachers to hosts and for matching Novice Teacher to mentors. Creating multiple programs empowers the administrator to:

  • Easily select profile questions that reflect the focus of the program

  • Use different sites lists

  • Define your pools in different ways

  • Effectively manage different groups of participants

In the above example novice teacher mentoring might use the same list of school sites for both mentors and mentees, whereas student teacher matching would use school sites for mentors and preparation partner programs as the student teachers’ sites. Novice teacher mentoring might use pools based on school type as well as grade band and subject areas, whereas student teacher pools might focus mostly on licensure areas.

When logged in it easy to swap between programs at any time using the upper right menu:

Once a program has been selected, an administer will see only the events associated with that program:

Administrators can still run different types of events within each program, as seen in the illustration below. For instance, in the program titled “Field Work/Student Teaching” you can see that the “Fall Classroom Observations” event that is part of Field Work is a separate from “Winter Student Teaching.”

As separate events, administrators can still fully differentiate the management of those matching processes in all the usual ways. For instance, they can have different approval criteria for mentors, such as 3 years or more experience to host a student observer and 5 years or more to host a student teacher. Additionally, to make accepting invitations to multiple events within the same program super easy for participants, profiles are pre-populated with prior event responses allowing participants to save time and only update what they want.

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