Understanding Your Talent Pipeline

The following tools are designed to help HR professionals in educational institutions (districts, CMOs, LEAs, etc.) map out and assess their educator pipeline. They are based on our experience conducting “Pipeline Audits” and designing Leadership Development Solutions in a variety of school districts from small to very large, and are intended to be a starting place for establishing a clearer picture of what is and isn't working. Pipelines look different from context to context, and some strategies will make more sense in some places than in others. If you would like support in this or a more thorough assessment, please reach out to us to inquire about consulting services at [email protected].

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Background Information

The following three blog posts introduce the concept of “pipeline” and the value of thinking about human resources using this trope.

Talent Pipeline Mapping Tool Support Materials

The primary focus of this tool is on mapping and assessing the internal pipeline. This is because in most institutions this is where there are the most missed opportunities. Many strategies that come from the assessment can not only improve internal recruitment, but also increase retention, engagement, and in-role performance.

Talent Pipeline Mapping Tool

There are four main parts to assessing your internal pipeline in this process. Each part will add layers of information to your mapping. We suggest that you complete each to the best of your knowledge for your whole pipeline (Teachers, APs, and Principals), before moving on to the next as the information will build sequentially.

To receive an email with all the editable versions of the Talent Pipeline Mapping Tool documents below, click here.

Putting It All Together

If you are interested in an in-depth analysis of how both your internal and external pipelines can complement one another, we have created the following tasks and tools. This step is optional but does provide a deeper understanding of all your pipelines.

More Information

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