Residency Program Resources

With the rise in the development of teacher residency programs in the United States, Team Torace has created a series of resources to help inform program design and improve outcomes using research-based best practices around residency mentor matching.

We are conducting a workshop at the The Residency Lab 2024 Annual Symposium to present a framework for understanding the research and its implications. The workshop includes explanations of our companion tools designed to help programs understand their current processes in light of the research and identify action steps aligned to program goals and theory of action.

If you are an EPP or an LEA and would like to schedule a free virtual session of the workshop for your team to dive into this work, please complete this form and we will reach out to you with more information and discuss scheduling.

If you have already attended a workshop and would like to schedule a free consultation regarding your completed Residency Assessment Tool, please complete this form.

To access the guides used in the workshops, you can use the following links. You will be prompted to share your email address to download the materials.

Our workshop and assessment tools can be used with or without the Torace platform. But our platform has been designed to facilitate the implementation of research-based best practices that further equity, include stakeholder voice, and have been demonstrated to accelerate learning for prospective teachers and increase retention. If you would like to schedule a demo to see how Torace can support your program, please click here.

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