COVID Recovery Resources

Recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic will be a long and challenging road for students, teachers, and school leaders alike. This Torace resource provides school leaders with a collection of articles and blog posts to help guide their journey through COVID recovery for the upcoming school year.

Recovery: Funding

With unprecedented amounts of funding flowing to schools, here is what to consider when spending it:

Recovery: Staffing

One of the biggest challenges school leaders are facing is staffing shortages. Teachers are leaving the profession in staggering numbers. How can school leaders support the new and old ones they have?

Recovery: Building Towards Sustainability

The trope of building the airplane as you’re flying is a popular one in education, but not only are school leaders building the plane, they also need to start building the airport. How can school leaders build on what was learned through this crisis to create a more sustainable future?

Recovery: How Can Torace Help?

Torace has created a COVID Recovery Package to support schools and school leaders with using recovery funds, supporting staff recovery, and building towards sustainability.

The Torace COVID Recovery Package includes:

  • Program consulting

  • Three-year enterprise subscription

  • Program evaluation and improvement study

Interested in learning how Torace can support your COVID recovery? Contact us at [email protected].

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