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What Are Torace Pools?
By Team Torace published on Sep 15, 2023
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The Torace Platform was created to capture rich information about participants and theirs needs and wants in order to make the best matches possible. In our blog article, How to Make the Best Mentor Matches with Torace, we explain the 3 different types of information we use to make the best mentor matches. The first and most easy way to make a match is using Torace Pools.

We use the term Torace Pools to describe the categories for matching needed to make a match. The categories for matching can be dictated by government or credentialing laws, local institutional protocol, and/or unique program needs. In a typical student teacher placement process, the categories for matching are usually the certification areas. A student pursuing an elementary teaching credential would need to be placed with a mentor teacher that also teaches elementary grades (see Example #1). If the student is also pursuing a bilingual certification, then they might need to be matched with a teacher in an elementary grade that teaches a bilingual class (see Example #2).

Torace Pools are very flexible and can reflect any type of matching needs. Torace Pools are set up as check boxes when a participant completes their Torace Event Profile and the Event Administrator can set the limit for how many boxes a participant can check. This allows for various types of categories of matching within the Torace Pools. In Example #3, you will see how an EPP in California created two categories within the Torace Pools, Credential and Grade Span. A student would select the credential they are pursuing and then the grade span they prefer to work with and the mentor teacher would select the credential they currently hold and teach and the grade span they currently serve.

Torace Pools are used to initially filter and guide matches. In order to make the best matches, we also recommend using Characteristics and/or Preferences to provide more robust information about participants and what they are looking for in a match.

Here are some examples of the Torace Pools used by clients:

Example #1 - A small midwestern school district:

  • Grade K-3

  • Grade K-5

  • Grade 4-9 ELA

  • Grade 4-9 Math

  • Grade 4-9 Social Studies

  • Grade 4-9 Science

  • Grade 7-12 Integrated Language Arts

  • Grade 7-12 Integrated Math

  • Grade 7-12 Integrated Social Studies

  • Grade 7-12 Integrated Science

  • Grade 7-12 Computer Science

  • Grade 7-12 Business-Technical

  • Grade 7-12 Communications/Media

Example #2 - A large northwestern school district:

  • Elementary K-3

  • Elementary 4-6

  • Elementary Music

  • Elementary Special Education

  • Junior High-English Language Arts

  • Junior High-Social Studies/History

  • Junior High-Mathematics

  • Junior High-Science

  • High School-English Language Arts

  • High School-Social Studies/History

  • High School-Mathematics

  • High School-Science/Biology

  • High School-Science/Chemistry

  • Secondary Healthy & Physical Education

  • Secondary Music – Choir

  • Secondary Music – Band

  • Secondary Music – Orchestra

  • Secondary Special Education

  • Secondary Visual Arts

Example #3 - A small EPP in California:

  • Credential: Multiple Subject

  • Credential: Bilingual Authorization

  • Credential: Single Subject Biology

  • Credential: Single Subject Chemistry

  • Credential: Single Subject English

  • Credential: Single Subject Foundational Math

  • Credential: Single Subject Foundational Science

  • Credential: Single Subject Math

  • Credential: Single Subject Physics

  • Credential: Single Subject Social Science

  • Credential: Single Subject World Languages

  • Grade Span: Elementary

  • Grade Span: Middle School

  • Grade Span: High School

Torace is also being used at various educational non-profits so Torace Pools can be fully customized to meet to any type of program needs.

If you would like to learn more about Torace or how to match using Torace Pools, please schedule a quick demo today!

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