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New Feature: Mentor Approval Requirements
By Team Torace published on Jun 30, 2023
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Desktop screen with the new Torace feature where Event Administrators can display Mento requirements to Approvers.

New Feature!

Many of our clients are school districts and EPPs (educator preparation programs) that have structured mentoring programs and specific requirements for participation. Team Torace has expanded our Approval Settings to meet those needs.

The NEW Approval Settings now include a custom message text field that an Event Administrator can use to communicate Mentor approval requirements. Event Administrators can choose to display the requirements or criteria that Mentors must meet to be approved and the custom message will appear on the Approver’s screen. This custom text field has text features and the ability to embed links as well!

Event Administrator view of the Approval Settings under Create New Event.

Approver view of the custom message.

Team Torace hopes this new feature development will improve communication and the workflow for Mentor approvals. If you have any questions about using this feature please email [email protected].

If you would like to take a deeper dive, read How to Determine Mentor Eligibility from our Student Teaching Program Resources page.

If you would like a demo of this new feature, schedule one now!

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