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Event Profile Tips for Participants
By Torace Team published on Nov 11, 2020
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Summary: After you have accepted an invitation to an event, you will need to complete your “event profile” to be eligible for the next stage of the event, whether that is approvals, preferences or matching. We recommend that you respond to the prompts honestly (of course!) but also that you are as specific and detailed as possible.
Event Profile Tips for Participants

The event profile is your opportunity to articulate what you are looking for in a match and to express your own interests and strengths. In our experience, the “best” profiles are the ones that give the most insight into who you really are and what motivates you.

  • Be true to yourself:  Honesty is critical, but we don’t mean just relaying facts accurately, that should go without saying! Take some time to reflect on what you are looking for and what makes you unique as that helps inform good matches. 

  • Balance brevity with specificity: The open responses show how many characters you have remaining; keep an eye on this. Compose and edit to include the most relevant and interesting details within those limits.

  • Let your professional voice shine: This is an opportunity not only to express who you are and what you are looking for, but also an example of how you will communicate as a mentor or mentee.

Do be aware that once you have submitted your event profile you will not be able to edit it until the next event. The profile was designed to be able to be completed in one sitting, but we know that everyone works differently. If you want to take more time thinking about your responses, you can look through the questions, and exit without submitting. Anything you enter without submitting on the final screen will not be saved, but you can return and enter all your responses later.

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